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In addition to archiving news stories, database of screenshots of homepages of major media outlets, images, videos, and other digital content, ISR Weekly provides brief commentaries on and links to news about Islam and Islamic societies, including commentary and archival articles published in news outlets from around the world.

Together, ISR Original Essays and Islam In The News Comments, provide some insight on how Islam and Muslims are seen within and outside Islamic societies. The combined content archives first reactions to news stories and events as well as primary sources that are useful for researchers and informed members of the public who are interested in data-driven research and analyses of events and ideas involving Islam and Muslims in modern societies.

This project is a collaborative effort involving faculty and students of Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies from a number of academic and professional disciplines from around the world. If you are interested in contributing to this project, contact us; please include a CV and a Statement of Interest. For more information, see Islamic Societies Review.

Some News Sources:

o    al-aalam news : Iranian international news service in Arabic.

o   Ahram: Egypt News Agency

o   al-Akhbar (Independent news outlet, Lebanon)

o   al-jazeera (English) : Al-jazeera news, the english site

o   al-jazeera news services (Arabic)

o   al-Manar (Arabic/English/French/Spanish), the Online version of al-Manar TV

o   al-`Arabiyyah (KSA) Saudi Arabia media

o    Mayadeen || Lebanon, الميادين

o   Anadulu (Turkey)

o   alertNet: AlertNet provides new…

o   al-Sharq al-awsat: Gulf States news media

o   Agence Tunis Afrique Presse: Official news agency of the gov. of Tunisia

o   Antara: Indonesia news media

o   Anti War: Global News Filter

o   Arabic BBC: BBC Arabic news online

o   Chaab: Newspaper from Algeria

o   China TV

o   Common Dreams' NewsCenter

o   CNN --USA -- plus

o   Cyber Press: Canada

o   Dawn (Pakistani news media)

o   Democracy Now: News Services 

o   DW German (Arabic and 30 other languages) 

o   Fair News Reporting: media watch group

o   Fars News Agency: Iranian media

o   France 24: French Channel, Arabic, English, and French

o   France Presse

o   Guardian (limited): British daily news online

o   Haaretz: Israeli newspaper

o   HispanTV: Spanish news channel from Iran

o   Hurriyet: Turkish Media

o   IndyMedia

o   Information Clearing House

o   IPS news co-op: News from the South

o   IRNA news agency news every hour

o   Irannuc: Iranian news on nuclear issues

o   ITAR-TASS : Russia

o   Jeune Afrique: (Afrique)

o   Jerusalem.Indymedia

o   Jerusalem Post: Conservative Israeli media

o   Jumhuriyet (tr): Conservative Israeli media

o   M&G: (South Africa)
Maseera al- (Yemen)

o   MENA (Egyptian news agency)

 o  MONDE (le) : le monde francais

o   New York Times: NY times online

o   NewsNow (Press monitoring feeds)

o   NPR: National Public Radio (USA)

o   Oumma: elOumma; Algerie

o   Press TV Iranian Point of View (English)

o   La Presse: (Tunisie; Francais)

o   PRAVDA.Ru (english)

o   Radio For Peace International (RFPI)

o   Islamic Societies Review: Commentaries and analysis

o   Reuters: news services wrold wide

o   Russia Today: Arabic channel

o   Russia Today: English

o   Saudi (Conservative) (Arabic site)

o   Shouruq: alChourouk (Tunisie)

o   SANA news agency: Syria's official news media

o   Sabah : alSabah (Tunisie) الصباح 

o   Sahafah : (الصحافة: Tunisie)

o   STC publication

o   Syria News: Independent media

o   Singapore: Singapore news agency

o    Swiss Info

o   Tasnim: News agency from Iran

o   Temps: (Le Temp; Tunisie)

o   Tounissia (Attounissia; Tunisie)

o   The Independent (UK): British media

o   The Daily Telegraph : UK media

o   The International Campaign for Real History

o   Today's Zaman: Turkish; English

The International Committee of the Fourth International (ICFI)

o   The Militant newspaper

o   The Mirror

o   The Onion's News: Satirical newspaper

o   Washington Post

o   Washington Times  

o   World Net News World Net News

o   World News

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